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Ibiza Rockaoke

Rockaoke's 2006 season at Manumission's Bar M in San Antonio.  Featuring guest appearances by RICKY WILSON and WE ARE SCIENTISTS.

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Venue: Bar M, San Antonio

Type of Event: Club Night

Date: Summer 2006

Attendance: 200-250

Photos by Deborah Lucas

IBIZA ROCKS gave ROCKAOKE their big break in 2006 - and also their new name!

MANUMISSION co-founder Andy McKay called Jonny at his home in 2006. Always looking for new ideas, and always ahead of the game, Andy had found the band's original website and was interested in putting on karaoke rock band nights at BAR M in San Antonio. Jonny suggessted calling the nights IBIZA ROCKAOKE, Andy liked it and ROCKAOKE was invented...!!!

That's how the ROCKAOKE summer of 2006 started. It was an interesting ride. The band line-up was unsettled at the time and Basil and Jonny remain indebted to Paul Faud (aka Jinx) who filled the void on guitar and without whom........ daren't think !

There were also problems with van's breaking down, guitars being left behind at Stansted Airport and missed flights back to the UK (ahem!) which meant that the band lost money on these events. But they were one hell of a Rock & Roll adventure!

And at the last night at BAR M in july 2006, ROCKAOKE were joined on stage by Kaiser Chiefs RICKY WILSON who thrilled an ecstatic crowd with a version "I PREDICT A RIOT". The band made headlnes in national press and national radio in the UK. And the ROCKAOKE concept was a total HIT!

september 2006: More on Ibiza Rockaoke!


Ricky Wilson at Bar M


Daily Record - July 2006 - Kaiser Ricky's Karaoke


Ricky Wilson and the band Rockaoke


Ricky Rockaoke - 3am in Daily Mirror





july 14 2006: Yorkshire Evening Post


Rockaoke - Yorkshire Evening Post 14 july 2006

Rockaoke - Sheffield Star 07 july 2006

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