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"the ultimate rockstar experience..."

Rock band karaoke is a totally interactive form of entertainment and ROCKAOKE have established a reputation as the best act currently doing this in the UK.

"So wrong - it's right! " - IBIZA ROCKS!

The band are all great musicians, who play well together and have a massive repertois of songs. But just as importantly, ROCKAOKE have great enthusiasm for what they do and their skill is in making every event a totally memorable, rewarding and entertaining spectacle for participants and audience alike.

People talk about ROCKAOKE gigs for week's afterwards, because they are involved and have photos/videos on their phones etc... Consequently, the band are a big hit at staff parties/conferences, product launches and as part of experiential marketing campaigns.

"The band make you feel like a proper rockstar. They don't make you sound like one but they make you feel like one." - Chris Moyles

Here are some quick links to key ROCKAOKE info:

SONGS - click here to view the current ROCKAOKE songlist.

PHOTOS - click here to view the ROCKAOKE "Hall of Fame" and other photo albums.

VIDEOS - click here to tune into our YouTube channel.